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Ehkki tänapäeva kodukassid ei pea muretsema, et nad kellegi saagiks saavad, võivad nad teisi majapidamises elavaid loomi — või ka inimesi — toidu ja vee osas konkurentideks pidada. Peensool on välja veninud ja puhitunud. Uuringud teostatakse Tartus Veterinaar- ja Toidulaboratooriumis Kreutzwaldi Diagnoos Kliiniliste tunnuste alusel ei ole võimalik TGE teistest sigade enteriitidega kulgevatest haigustest eristada.

Bringing Home Your First Kitten Published by Min lugemist kui kaua võtab artikli lugemine aega Besides being adorable, there are Kitte haigused other benefits to owning a kitten as a pet. Cats are generally very neat and tidy pets. They take pride in cleanliness and can be quite independent when they grow up, meaning they need less of your dedicated time than dogs for example.

Your kitten could go on to live into his or her late teens or longer.

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Taking care of a kitten When you do get your kitten, you have to be prepared. There are a few basic things that kittens need in order to get the very best start in life and grow up into healthy, happy and friendly cats.

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First things first, a kitten will require a litter tray or two. Most kittens will have been shown how to use a litter tray Kitte haigused their mum and siblings and for many, it is instinctive anyway, but some need a little more encouragement to go in the right place.

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You can help your kitten learn where to go to the toilet by placing him in the tray after eating or after he has woken up from a nap, and keep an eye on him for signs Kitte haigused he is looking for somewhere to go. Have several trays around when your kitten is young so that he is always in easy reach of one.

Diet and nutrition is also a very important aspect in taking care of a kitten.

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Your Kitte haigused needs to develop and they can only do so if they get the Kitte haigused food and nutrition. Your kitten also needs to visit a vet on a regular basis for check-ups and vaccinations, then for neutering at about 6 months of age.

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Kitte haigused sure that when your kitten is sick, you recognise the signs early and get him the right medical attention as soon as possible.

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