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Näiteks aga liitiumakuga akupanga puhul, mille energiahulk on üle Wh, peab lennuki salongi kaasa võtmiseks olema lennuettevõtja luba. Ühe reisija kohta on lubatud üks plastkott.

Implementation of programme of measures 1 The implementation of a programme of measures shall be organised by the water management committee.

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The action plan shall be approved by the minister responsible for the area on the proposal of the water management committee. Water management plan 1 A water management Liideste ravi randmele shall be prepared for each river basin or for each part of a transboundary river basin located in Estonia.

Measures of the reviewed and updated water management plan shall be made operational within three years of the approval of the updated water management plan. Supplementary programmes and plans 1 A water management plan may be supplemented by the production of more detailed programmes and plans for a sub-basin, sector, issue, or water use type and surface water, groundwater or seawater, to deal with particular aspects of water use and protection.

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Supplementary programmes and plans shall be Balnic salv uhendite raviks, before approval, to the water management committee for expressing its opinion thereon. Preparation of water management plans 1 The provisions concerning open proceedings apply to proceedings of preparation of water management plans, taking account of the specifications provided for in this Act. The Ministry of the Environment shall publish a notice concerning the initiation of the preparation of a water management plan in the official publication Ametlikud Teadaanded and in one national daily newspaper within one month of making a relevant decision.

Tallinna Lennujaam Reisijale Pagas Korduvad küsimused käsipagasi kohta Korduvad küsimused käsipagasi kohta Enne julgestuskontrolli läbimist, soovitame tutvuda allpool toodud enim esitatud küsimuste ja vastustega ning teha vajalikud ettevalmistused.

The involvement Balnic salv uhendite raviks be organised by the Environmental Board. The duration of the public display of the documents shall be six months.

Balnic salv uhendite raviks

P ublic consultations shall be organised during the public display. The Ministry of the Environment shall respond in writing to the submitted written proposals and objections within two months after the public display has ended. Reference period for assessment of concentration of priority substances [Repealed - RT I, Categories and subcategories of water bodies and water body type 1 The c ategories of water bodies are: 1 watercourse — a water body in which the flow of water is noticeable; 2 inland standing water body — a water body in which the flow of water is not noticeable and which has no connection with the sea at the long-term average sea water level calculated on the basis of the data of the nearest measurement point of the sea water level; 3 the sea.

Balnic salv uhendite raviks